A/An: an instrument built for Mandy Gutmann-Gonzalez, for performances of work from their chapbook A/An

seamstressCarter: Carter's Delay for seamstress

bwsampler: a sampler built in collaboration with students at The Bridge Way School in Philadelphia, PA

iffy books workshop script: code repository for SuperCollider workshop at Iffy Books in Philadelphia, PA 240121

fileScope: SuperCollider audio file visualizer

serenityCrow: serenity now but for crow

superLied: lied script for SuperCollider. Turns text into music – (demo)

this website

poemShuffler: tools for shuffling lines of poetry around

Buttons & Knobs: a collection of boilerplate GUI elements for SuperCollider

gifrenga: a renga made of GIFs

CarterCrow: superCrow + Carter's Delay(demo)

live coding setup: a basic, extensible setup for live coding in SuperCollider(demo)

superCrow: this script demonstrates some basic techniques for using SuperCollider with the monome crow eurorack module – (demo)

Carter's Delay: a simple multi-tap delay that I made in SuperCollider for my 6-year-old cousin to play with – (demo)

serenity now: generative ambient on demand (for use with SuperCollider & a link-compatible DAW of your choosing) – (demo)

cuterScope: this is the Lissajous oscilloscope used in Carter's Delay and CarterCrow

schicksalslied: a poetry sequencer for monome norns(demo)

Tetrabotis: TetraBobo + otis(demo)

TetraBobo: a triangle wave organ with variable slope – my approximation of the Ciat-Lonbarde Tetrax Organ for monome norns & Shbobo Shnth(demo)

shnthsalslied: fork of schicksalslied for use with Shbobo Shnth

krähenlied: a poetry sequencer for monome crow & druid

strum sequencer: a sequencer for monome crow & druid, based on Tehn's code from Flash Crash 210710(demo)

alphabet sequencer: a sequencer for monome crow & druid(demo)

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