got a new old thing up over at voicemail poems. The piece is titled "Resentment: Big Water." It's part of a series I was writing a couple years ago about things I felt resentful about, in which I was trying to use the work as a means through which to release that resentment, to free myself of it.

At the time, I had prolit in mind as a potential home for this, but as the piece developed, it started to veer away from what felt like prolit territory to me, and for a while, I just shelved it. A couple months ago, though, I was hanging out with Amy Saul-Zerby at Liner Notes (a wonderful reading reading series hosted by Alina Pleskova at 48 Record Bar here in Philly), and Amy and I got to talking about voicemail poems, and it just clicked with me that vmp was the right home for this piece. I sent it over to Amy, and she agreed, and now, here it is, out in the world. I hope you like it.

williamthazard at pm.me